1. Warranty Duration: Mavdrones.com is pleased to offer a comprehensive one-year warranty on all products sold by us.
2. Coverage Clarification: Our warranty coverage is designed to address non-accidental issues. Specifically, if the product sustains damage due to mishandling or operational accidents, we regretfully cannot provide free repair services. However, we are committed to assisting you with repair solutions at a nominal service fee, inclusive of any required replacement parts.
3. Battery and Propellor Consideration: Please note that our warranty does not extend to batteries and propellors. Due to the inherent nature of batteries and the fact that each battery has a finite operational cycle determined by usage, we cannot provide coverage for them. The life cycle of a battery is governed by the number of take-offs and landings it undergoes. Once a battery reaches the end of its cycle, its performance diminishes, and it becomes unsuitable for use. This is a technological constraint beyond our control.
4. Initial 20 Days Option: Our Return, Exchange, and Refund Policy, elaborated on a dedicated page, grants you a window of 20 days from delivery to exercise the options of returning, exchanging, or seeking a refund for your purchased item. Should you opt not to exercise these options, our standard warranty policy automatically applies. This means that within 20 days of delivery, you retain the flexibility to choose between the available options, namely returning the product for exchange or refund, or utilizing the warranty for free repairs.
5. Warranty Claim Process: To initiate a warranty claim, kindly reach out to us via one of the following channels:
• Phone: +91 8240977034
• Email: mavdrones@gmail.com
• In-person: Visit our corporate office located at Bansdroni, adjacent to the rifle club playground, Kolkata, West Bengal 700 070. Our team will be ready to assist you in securing warranty services.
We greatly value your trust in Mavdrones.com and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction through our warranty and service offerings.