Feel free to acquaint yourself with our Payment Policy on Our aim is to ensure that the process of acquiring new drones or payloads from our online store is seamless and hassle-free. To achieve this, we extend a variety of payment options that cater to your convenience.
Once you've identified the item you intend to purchase and supplied any required information such as the shipping address, you can proceed. After confirming your order selection, proceed to input your payment particulars and subsequently submit them.
Diverse Payment Choices: We gladly welcome all well-known debit and credit cards commonly used in India, including Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa. Simply furnish your card details during the checkout process. This ensures that your transaction is handled securely.
Navigating the Purchase Process at Our Online Store (
1. Begin by exploring the website to discover the products that catch your interest.
2. Click on the desired products to access comprehensive details about them.
3. Select the quantity of the product you wish to procure.
4. Employ the "Add to Cart" button for inclusion in your shopping cart.
5. A confirmation message will validate the successful addition of the product to your cart.
6. Proceed with further shopping or advance to the checkout section.
7. During checkout, you have the liberty to review the contents of your cart, effect any necessary modifications, and then proceed to furnish your payment and shipping details.
8. Conclude by submitting your order, after which you can anticipate the arrival of your chosen product.
For more comprehensive insights, please take a moment to explore our PRIVACY POLICY as well as our RETURN, EXCHANGE & REFUND POLICY.