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Scandron, Subsidiary Of Magellanic Cloud, Secures DGCA Certification For Their Innovative Agri-Drone

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The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has awarded Type Certification to Scandron Private Limited, a subsidiary of Magellanic Cloud company, for its world-class agricultural drone, the SNDAG010QX8. The certification, issued under Type Certificate No. T0724000001Z, is an important step forward in Scandron’s mission to use finest drone technology to revolutionize India’s agriculture industry.

Key Features Of The SNDAG010QX8 Drone

The SNDAG010QX8 is a specialized small-category rotorcraft designed for various agricultural applications. This advanced drone enhances farming activities such as spraying fertilizers and pesticides, monitoring crops, surveying fields, and managing livestock. By incorporating innovative technology, Scandron aims to promote sustainable farming practices and significantly boost crop yields.

Supporting The ‘Make In India’ Initiative

The ‘Make in India’ campaign is in line with Scandron’s Agri-Drone’s DGCA certification. By producing high-quality drones tailored to the specific needs of Indian farmers, Scandron seeks to reduce reliance on foreign technology and components, fostering greater self-reliance in crucial technology sectors.

Joseph Sudheer Reddy Thumma, Promoter & Director of Magellanic Cloud, stated that getting awarded a DGCA certification for their Agri-Drone via Scandron Private Limited proves their commitment to innovation as well as quality in the industry of agricultural technology.

Impact On Indian Agriculture

The certification of the SNDAG010QX8 drone is expected to play a crucial role in modernizing Indian agriculture. Advanced, locally manufactured drone solutions being accessible now, Indian farmers can improve crop productivity as well as sustainability. This development aligns with the government’s push to integrate technology into agriculture to increase efficiency and reduce manual labor. The government has been advocating for the use of drones to improve crop yields and overall farming practices.

Looking forward, Scandron and Magellanic Cloud plan to collaborate closely with government bodies to ensure that regulations continue to support innovation while maintaining safety and operational efficiency. Mr. Thumma went on to say that they are excited to use revolutionary technology to advance the Indian agriculture community and are happy to be a part of the Made in India project.

Although financial details or production targets for the certified drone model have not been disclosed, the company’s primary focus remains on delivering reliable, advanced technology to support Indian farmers. Scandron hopes to give Indian farmers trustworthy tools to improve their farming operations by incorporating these locally produced drones into agricultural techniques. This will eventually help to create a more productive as well as sustainable agricultural sector in India.

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