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PCMC Initiates Drone Survey For Property Assessment

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09 July, 2024 – In order to precisely assess properties around the city, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is leading the way in the use of contemporary technology by deploying drone surveys. This initiative marks PCMC as the first municipal corporation in Maharashtra to adopt such an advanced approach.

Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Shekhar Singh, initiated the event on Monday at HA Ground in Pimpri by flying a drone. The following people were present at the event: Prashant Doifode, director of Architectural Consultants India Pvt Ltd; Nana More; Rajaram Sargar; Sheetal Wakade; additional commissioner Pradeep Jambhale Patil; special officer Kiran Gaikwad; as well as Wasim Qureshi from the department of information and public relations. The event was arranged by PCMC’s tax collection section.

According to a statement from PCMC, drone surveys will facilitate precise property measurements, help identify unregistered properties, and curb unauthorized construction. Singh emphasized that drones could also be used for various other purposes, including disaster management, construction permits, sky signs, licenses, and encroachment monitoring.

Singh expressed that the GIS-based property registration survey as well as the tax valuation project are designed to guarantee accurate property assessment for taxation purposes. The drone surveys will digitize site maps of properties, integrating collected data with digital photos into a computerized tax assessment system. This will allow for the comprehensive viewing of taxable areas, maps, property photos, and tax assessments through a single computer command.

The PCMC anticipates a significant boost in tax revenue, estimating an increase of up to ₹1,500 crores. Currently, property tax is the primary source of income for the municipality, which oversees 630,000 properties. In the 2023–24 financial year, the tax collection department collected ₹977 crore. The adoption of drone technology aims to address the issue of many unregistered properties in the city.

Patil noted that while the municipal corporation has performed property surveys in the past, this is the first time they are employing advanced technologies such as drones.

Nilesh Deshmukh, assistant commissioner of the tax collection department, highlighted the crucial role of his department in generating revenue. Deshmukh added that since taking over, they have experimented and incorporated new technology to increase income. After the drone survey, they anticipate that about 200,000 more properties will come into the tax net, which might soon bring in about ₹1,500 crores for the municipal corporation.

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