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Optiemus Infracom’s Agri Drone Launch Spurs Market Surge, Eyes Rs 600-900 Crore in CY25 Revenue

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4 July, 2024 – By introducing a new line of indigenous drones designed for mapping and agriculture, Optiemus Unmanned Systems Private Limited (OUS), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Optiemus Infracom Limited, has significantly advanced the drone sector. This strategic initiative aligns with India’s “Make in India” vision and is set to transform the agricultural sector.

Key Highlights Of The Launch

Investment And Growth Plans:

For this venture, Optiemus plans to invest Rs. 140 crores. The organization expects that it will witness 5,000 drones operational by the conclusion of the year 2025. Optiemus also expects to have earned between Rs 600 and 900 crores in revenues from services by the end of the year 2025.

Drone Features:

The Agri Shakti 10L drone is equipped with a 10-liter spray tank, capable of spraying 1 acre in approximately 7 minutes, with a flight duration of up to 15 minutes at maximum capacity. The Vajra QC P20 is a precision agriculture and mapping drone, weighing about 2 kg, with a flight duration of over 30 minutes and a maximum range of 4 km. It is perfect for mapping farmlands, and maximizing crop health.

Indigenization And Affordability:

By the conclusion of the fiscal year, the minimum percentage of indigenous parts used in drone manufacturing is expected to rise to 75%. With prices starting at Rs 2.25 lakhs + GST, farmers can afford the Agri Shakti 10L.

Training And Support:

To oversee the drone fleet, OUS plans to train some 6,000 drone pilots. The organization places a strong emphasis on post-purchase assistance and servicing, guaranteeing trouble-free drone flying as well as operations.

Impact On Agriculture:

In addition to saving input costs, these drones will greatly increase farmland productivity and production. Drones equipped with precision agriculture features will boost environmentally friendly farming methods and increase agricultural operations’ efficiency in general.

Stock Market Performance

Following the announcement, Optiemus Infracom Limited’s stock experienced a significant surge, hitting the upper circuit limit of 20% on Thursday, marking the highest single-day volume since August 2023. The market’s favorable reaction to OUS’s novel strategy and prospects for expansion in the agriculture industry is shown in this trend. Optiemus Infracom’s stock has gained 81.04 per cent in the last year, delivering multibagger returns of over 100 per cent in the last three years.

About Optiemus Infracom Limited

With its headquarters located in India, Optiemus Infracom Limited is a high-performance electronics as well as telecommunications manufacturer. With nearly three decades of experience in telecommunications, technology, and manufacturing, the company has a unique understanding of the Indian electronics market. Through extensive distribution and retail operations, Optiemus has been in the leading edge of providing Indian consumers with the newest technological items.

The New-Age Agri Drones

Optiemus Unmanned Systems’ entry into the drone market with a focus on agriculture and mapping underscores their commitment to technological advancement and support for Indian farmers. OUS is well-positioned to significantly alter the agricultural scene, helping Small-Cap businesses and bolstering India’s economy by offering economical as well as effective drone solutions.

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Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice; it is only informative.

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