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Israeli Firm Launches Innovative Detection System For Unidentified Drones

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3 July, 2024 – A state-of-the-art range of drone detection devices from Israel’s Netline Communications Technologies has been unveiled with the purpose of locating elusive unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Approximately 20% of current drones do not have signatures in existing databases, complicating their detection. This group includes stealthy military drones and modified commercial drones.

Advanced Non-Database Direction-Finding Sensor

Netline Communications Technologies’ new direction-finding (DF) sensor, which operates without relying on a pre-existing database, features an artificial intelligence-based algorithm that identifies unknown drones by recognizing common visual elements of airborne threats.

Shai Palti, CEO of Netline Communications Technologies, said that their company constantly learns and monitors emerging dangers across different war zones globally to develop critical as well as rapid solutions. Further added that their company’s R&D teams have developed this novel and flexible algorithm that recognizes common characteristics of aerial threats and signals their existence without requiring particular data.

Operational Mechanism

The detection system operates in three stages:

1. Spectrum Scanning: Scans the spectrum for all radio frequencies within the relevant bands.

2. Target Separation: Separates targets from the noisy spectral environment utilizing a hybrid approach.

3. Threat Assessment: Tracks suspicious targets and evaluates their threat levels based on various parameters.

For optimal results, Netline Communications Technologies recommends deploying pairs or more of the DF sensor systems. This approach enhances the system’s effectiveness in identifying and tracking potential threats.

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