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Drone Magnetic Survey Demonstration Conducted For Geophysics Students At Osmania University

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09 July, 2024 – To familiarize them with sophisticated geophysical exploration technologies, Osmania University’s geophysics students witnessed a practical demonstration of the drone magnetic survey technique on Tuesday. This live demonstration was organized by Steiger Geoscience & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., a leading company in geo-exploration, on the OU campus. The initiative is part of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Steiger Geoscience & Engineering and Osmania University, which aims to introduce students to the latest exploration tools.

The session was led by Sri Karunakar, CEO of Steiger Geoscience & Engineering Pvt. Ltd., along with his team of experts. The primary goal was to provide practical experience and a thorough understanding of drone magnetic surveying for students of geophysics, earth sciences, and professionals in the exploration sector. The demonstration took place in front of the Department of Geophysics and was supervised by Prof. B. Veeraiah, Head of the Department and Principal of UCS at Osmania University.

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