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Delhivery Gains MCA Nod To Include Its Drone Subsidiary

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06 July, 2024 – Gurugram-headquartered logistics firm Delhivery has secured approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) to establish its drone-focused subsidiary.

This development follows the company’s May 2024 announcement about its entry into the drone and freight air transport sectors. The new company is going to be called “Delhivery Robotics India Private Limited.”

Subsidiary’s Strategic Focus

Delhivery Robotics India Private Limited will undertake several key initiatives:

Advanced R&D in UAV Technology: The subsidiary will focus on cutting-edge research and development in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. This will involve achieving type certification and progressing towards the commercial deployment of UAVs.

Drone as a Service (DaaS): It will provide Drone as a Service to support shipment movement and remote sensing operations.

UAV Pilot Training: The subsidiary aims to offer comprehensive UAV pilot training programs, which include certifying internal pilots and obtaining licenses from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for operational deployment.

Drone Manufacturing: This involves the production and global distribution of UAVs. The subsidiary will also handle third-party manufacturing of composite airframe components, alongside procurement, integration, quality testing, and conducting flight trials.

Challenges Of Drone Delivery In India

Despite the technological advancements, Delhivery’s CEO, Sahil Barua, has expressed doubts about the commercial feasibility of drone delivery in India. At a shareholders meeting, Barua highlighted that while drones can be beneficial for various uses such as surveillance and limited payload delivery, their practicality for delivering low-value items like T-shirts and pizzas remains questionable.

Financial And Operational Details

The authorized share capital of Delhivery Robotics India Private Limited would be Rs 5 crore. The subsidiary will outsource the manufacturing and procurement of composite airframe components, in addition to overseeing quality testing and flight trials.

Delhivery’s expansion into the drone sector is being driven by its portfolio company, Transition Robotics, which, as claimed by CEO Sahil Barua, has created a fixed-wing drone that can transport a cargo of about 4 kg across a 40-kilometer distance.

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